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When gum (periodontal) disease has progressed to the advanced stages, you may develop gum recession and the body loses a natural defense mechanism in fighting bacterial infection. This causes a higher gumline and exposed tooth roots. At Ace Periodontics, part of your periodontal disease treatment could include surgical gum grafting to revive your gumline. With several different Scottsdale gum graft surgery options and over 20 years of experience, board-certified periodontist Dr. Roya Zojaji will create your custom treatment plan to restore your receding gums.

With gum recession comes the loss of the body’s natural defense mechanism in fighting bacterial infection. To reverse the damages caused by gum recession, the technique of gum grafting is used to reconstruct a receding gum line.

If a patient has minor gum recession, healthy gingiva likely remains and continues to protect the teeth. In this case, the only treatment recommended is to modify the patient’s daily at-home dental care.

Nonetheless, if recession is advanced and reaches the mucosa, bacteria can more easily penetrate and can lead to root sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods and a disfigured appearance of the teeth and gums. If gum recession reaches its advanced stages, the surface of the root can be revealed, causing root caries and root gouging.

In order to solve these potential problems, a gingival graft is used and can hide exposed parts of a root. A thin piece of tissue is taken from nearby regions of the mouth to serve as a stable attachment around the tooth. The gingival graft procedure is highly predictable and allows for a healthy band of gum tissue surrounding each tooth.


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